ROEBLING: The Story of the Brooklyn Bridge • The Official Website
A New Stage Drama by Mark Violi
Roebling: The Story of the Brooklyn Bridge
A drama by Mark Violi
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Roebling: The Story
of the Brooklyn Bridge
Thank you performers, techies, crew, sponsors and most especially our enthusiastic audiences for a great run in Trenton!
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Meet the ROEBLING Cast, NJ State Museum • Trenton, NJ • May 2014
Mariel Rosati
Emily Roebling
Mickey Levitan
Mr. Leonard
Pat Parton
Mr. Aiken
Dennis McGuire
E.F. Farrington
Jeff Maschi
Washington A. Roebling
Kevin Hallam
Dr. Andrew Smith
Charles Bendas
Haldis Dickey
Jane Sorenson
Mary Martin
Tim Anderson
Horatio Allen
Andrew James Gordon
Charles (C.C.) Martin
Tom Bessellieu (not pictured)
Mr. Pullman
Allan Hayhurst (not pictured)
Nathaniel Dickey
Abram Vanderpool (not pictured)
John A. Roebling
Mark Violi
Ruth Markoe
Frank Grullon
Original Score
Theater To Go
NJ State Museum
Trenton Social
Brooklyn Bean Roastery
Roebling Museum
The Contemporary Club
Hamilton Building Supply
New Jersey 350
Proud to have Roebling: The Story of the Brooklyn Bridge featured in The Roebling Legacy, a new book by Clifford Zink.
2014–Times of Trenton Preview
Mark and director Ruth Markoe discuss Roebling on WWFM Radio Listen Now (10/02/10)
Columnist Sharon Schlegel's Trenton Times article "Roebling Play is an Entree to History" 10/2/10
Mark discusses Roebling on WBCB Radio
Listen Now
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